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The worldwide geocoding webservice is totally FREE and allow to find GPS coordinate and other informations for a given text (address, street name, city, zip,...) in 243 countries, via a REST webservice. You can geocode structured or unstructured addresses. The address parser can parse address and extract seperate parts. Gisgraphy also offers Premium hosted services and consulting. It uses (free) data from OpenstreetMap that are imported into a local database. Gisgraphy doesn't use Google Maps geocoder, it do it by itself.. You can see an example of use bellow. You can find documentation on how to use the XML API of the webservice and see how to download and install Gisgraphy.

Geocoder found GPS coordinate of an address, a city or a street. If you want to search for other things than an address (adm, hotel, monument,...), use the fulltext engine. If you want to divide an address into its individual component parts, use the address parser.

    Unstructured addressStructured address
    Enter an address, a city or a street :

    Select a country (optional) :

About : Gisgraphy is a TOTALLY FREE open source framework. Since 2006, Gisgraphy is a free, open source framework that offers the possibility to do geolocalisation and geocoding via Java APIs or REST webservices. Actually it manage Geonames and OpenStreetMap (42 million entries). It provides importers, Geocoding, Reverse geocoding, street search, address parsing, fulltext and find nearby (web)services. Results can be output in XML, Atom, RSS, JSON, PHP, Ruby, and Python. See project 's home page. IMPORTANT : DON'T use this site to bench or download data. if we do this, your IP address will be list here first, and it will be BLACKLISTED if necessary..
languages available : Gisgraphy in english | Gisgraphy en francais | Gisgraphy in spanish | Gisgraphy in German | Gisgraphy in Italian | Gisgraphy in Chinese | Gisgraphy in Japanese Gisgraphy in Deutsh | Gisgraphy in portuguese | Gisgraphy in Norwegian | Gisgraphy in Turkish | Gisgraphy in Korean |

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